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Industrial Dust Collection - Products & Advice

Aerodyne has been solving industrial dust collection problems for over 60 years. It has recently been reunited with Abanaki Corporation as a division dedicated to providing high quality industrial dust collection products and valves. See complete details about Aerodyne and our lines of industrial dust collectors and material handling valves.

How do Aerodyne Industrial Dust Collection Products Work?

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What is Industrial Dust Collection?

Industrial dust collection is the process of removing dust particles from a controlled stream of air or other gas. The name “dust collection” is misleading because the particles are not common house dust but rather fine particles of material used in a manufacturing process, such as sawdust, paint powder, sand, plastic resin, fly ash, coffee, or flour. Many manufacturing processes use powders or other materials that include fine particles, and sometime fine particles are present in natural materials unintentionally. Industrial dust collection equipment such as our Splitstream Dust Collector and Vacu Valve below, is used to manage the particulate.

SplitStream™ Dust CollectorSplitStream™ Dust Collection Product

Aerodyne SplitStream™ dust collection system uses centrifugal force and unique counter-cyclonic action to efficiently separate out fine particles as small as 2 microns. This industrial dust collection project can handle dusts such as saw dust, fly ash, sand, coffee and many others. Units range in size from 50 cfm to 18,000 cfm and can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Vavu ValveR Dust Collection Product

Aerodyne Vavu ValveR dust collection system features the open-construction Platypus trickle valve and closed-construction Armadillo trickle valve. These two industrial dust collection systems provide the most economical ways to manage dust from bag filters or cyclones under negative pressure. They require no controls, lubrication or power supply.

Reasons for Industrial Dust Collection

Industrial Dust collection has several purposes. It is used to remove particulate from worker areas so it will not pose a health hazard. Even seemingly innocuous materials, such as sawdust, can damage lungs and increase the risk of cancer. Dust collection is also used to remove particles from waste air streams to prevent particulate air pollution. The EPA, working under the Clean Air Act, limits fine particulate (<2.5 micrometers) in 24 hours to 35 micrograms per cubic meter (µg/m3) and limits coarse particulate (<10 micrometers) to 150 µg/m3. A third reason for dust collection is reclamation. Often the particles are valuable, and dust collection systems are used to reclaim material.


Two General Types of Dust Collection Equipment

Broadly speaking, industrial dust collection equipment is of two types: those that use filters and those that use cyclonic action.

In cyclonic dust collection, the dirty air stream is made to spin and directed into a tapered chamber. The centrifugal force of the rotary motion causes particles to move to the sides of the chamber where they strike the chamber walls, lose momentum, and fall to the bottom of the chamber. Other than the blower and a dispensing valve, this type of dust collection system has no moving parts and requires very little maintenance.

With filter-based industrial dust collection, the dirty air stream passes through filters made of fabric, wire, or paper. Filter bags collect particulate that is too large to pass through the filter. When the bags are full they are changed out and the material can be reclaimed. Other filter-based dust collectors use filters that do not need to be replaced and are kept from blinding by use of mechanical shakers or bursts of reverse air pressure.

Cyclonic dust collection has some advantages over filter-based dust collection. Cyclone dust collectors avoid the cost and labor of filter replacement. They can be used as classifiers that separate heavy particles from fine particles, because heavy particles separate more easily from the air stream. Cyclones can be added upstream of bag houses and used to extend the life of bag filters by removing the bulk of particulate prior to filtration. What’s more, a cyclone dust collector can serve as a spark arrestor by safely receiving hot material that could damage paper or cloth filters.

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High Efficiency Horizontal Dust Collection

Often there is a very limited space available for dust collection systems in plants. Horizontal installation allows dust collectors to be suspended from a ceiling to avoid costly factory modifications. See how Aerodyne has overcome the challenge of designing an effective horizontal dust collection system.

Aerodyne Presents High-Efficiency Horizontal Dust Collection

Aerodyne Dust Collection Helps World-Leading Technology Company with Proprietary Process

A worldwide leader in innovative technology was faced with a difficult dust collection problem. After multiple failures, they finally found the industrial dust collection system they were looking for at Aerodyne. Since the initial tests, this company has purchased over 30 dust collectors.

Unique Process Reflects Well on Aerodyne Dust Collection Technology

Contact Information

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